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ASIDE FROM ALL THE SCIENCE that militates against evolution, there are also some very pragmatic and ethical reasons to reject it. As is evident from the preceding, evolution is primarily a belief based upon another belief, materialism. Both beliefs attempt to justify one another. It is one thing wrapping its arms around itself, like two mirrors facing each other in an infinite regress of narcissism. With its feet planted firmly in midair, evolution has no traction in the world of real science and industry. In fact, the stardust-to-man hypothesis has arguably not brought to humankind one single useful fact, idea, product, technology, creature, or solution.

It is amazing that hundreds of thousands of books have been produced since Darwin with the word evolution lacing their pages. Yet one would be hard pressed to find a single useful thing that has come of the idea. It emerged when the Industrial Revolution was gearing up to nosebleed speed, but did not contribute to that advance even in the slightest. Nothing in genetics, anatomy, physiology, medicine, biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, or electronics was ever discovered, improved upon, or retired to obsolescence because of evolutionary theory. That is downright astonishing since evolution is treated as if it were a scientific law that would hamstring every scientist everywhere if it had not been conceived.

One must wonder how the evolutionists' fear that all science would collapse if creationism were believed can be justified when such productive and active scientists espouse the belief. Sir Isaac Newton spent considerable time describing creation evidence (see Principia) and was a fervent advocate of creationism. He, probably more than any other person in history, is responsible for laying the foundation for the physical sciences that scientists today only tweak. If the father of science was not impeded by belief in creationism, why should his students today feel it creates such an impasse? If evolution is not science, if it produces nothing, predicts nothing, contradicts real science and has no evidence, what is it? It is religion comprised of faith and belief.

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